Registration - Authentication for Cypriot citizens who lived abroad
For Cypriot citizens who live abroad authentication is done by visiting the Cyprus Embassy/Consulate at the country where they live.
The steps to be followed are the following: 
1. Register online as an Individual to ARIADNE System at
2. The ARIADNE sends a confirmation email to which the 16-digit unique number of the profile is shown.
3. The citizen activates the Profile by clicking the link in the email.
4. The citizen goes to the Embassy along with the printed email showing the 16-digit unique number of the profile, the Cyprus Identity Card and if available the number of the Cyprus Social Insurance Services.
5. The officer at the Embassy authenticates the citizen.
Important Information - Enrollment in e-Services
Before using certain important e-Services, enrollment to these e-Services is required so that the user can be identified in the Information System where the e-Service is processed.
Once your profile has been authenticated, enrollment in e-Services is done from the "Enrol in e-Services" link at the top of the "e-Services Catalogue" or from the "Manage My Profile" link at the top right of the screen and in then from the "Manage e-Services" and then "Enrol in e-Services".